Beyond Fun Studio



The idea of Beyond Fun Studio was born in the mind of Samuel Lapointe, a programmer and designer, who had always dreamed of creating his own video games.

While working at Sarbakan, he met another passionate programmer, Jean-Benoit Guertin. They started working together on a rogue-like platformer game that sparked the interest of another colleague artist, Sébastien Gauvin, who joined the project.

The three of them worked on it for months but the idea of starting an indie studio really took off when they took part and won the grand prize at the Pixel Challenge 2018, an annual game jam in Quebec City. They were helped by an artist, Jonathan Nadeau, who joined the team afterwards.

The team worked on Aeolis Tournament for a year, while showcasing it at events such as the Tokyo Game Show, PAX South, PAX East with the Indie Megabooth, the MEGA-MIGS, made an appearance in the Guerrilla Collective and the Bitsummit Gaiden. The game is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


Beyond Fun Studio plans on staying a small and resourceful team that works on its on intellectual properties.

In the next few years, we hope to gain a solid fan base that is receptive to each of our new games, regardless on the genre. We want to have the creative liberty of trying new genre for each of our games but with the same philosophy and visual signature.


Our games are defined not by their genre but by their accessibility (simple controls and clear objectives), being short games with a lot of replayability and a colorful and charming art direction.

Right now, we are working on Aeolis Tournament, a party game with many minigames and a tournament mode. Based on a unique mechanic, the prototype won the first prize in the professional category at the Pixel Challenge 2018 in Quebec City.

We have more ambitious platforming rogue-like game which the development is currently on hold.

The Team


Samuel Lapointe


Lead programmer at Sarbakan and teacher at Bart College in Quebec City. 6 years of experience. Winner of the Pixel Challenge 2018. Has a degree in Video game conception graduating as the best student as well as a degree from Bart College in Programming and integrating for video games.


Sébastien Gauvin


VFX technical artist at Sarbakan. 4 years of experience. Versatile artist who can do every step in the pipeline of a 2D game, from the concept art to the integration. Has a college degree (DEC) in Arts and Media and a university degree (BAC) in Animation from Laval University winning a prize for the best 2D short film.


Jonathan Nadeau


VFX technical artist at Cradle Games and Frima. 3 years of experience. Winner of the Pixel Challenge 2018. Versatile artist who can do every step in the pipeline of a 3D game. Has a college degree (DEC) from the Cegep du Vieux-Montréal in 3D animation and computer-generated imagery and a university degree (BAC) in 3D creation with a minor in video game design from UQAT.