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Founding Date

March 2019


Beyond Fun Studio is an indie video game studio in Quebec City founded in 2019 by Samuel Lapointe, Sébastien Gauvin and Jonathan Nadeau. Each developer had years of experience previously in indie and servicing studios working on arcade, mobile and AAA games before teaming up.


The idea of Beyond Fun Studio was born in the mind of Samuel Lapointe, a programmer and designer, who had always dreamed of creating his own video games.

While working at Sarbakan, he met another passionate programmer, Jean-Benoit Guertin. They started working together on a rogue-like platformer game that sparked the interest of another colleague artist, Sébastien Gauvin, who joined the project.

The three of them worked on it for months but the idea of starting an indie studio really took off when they took part in the 2018 Pixel Challenge, formerly the largest game jam in Canada, and won the grand prize with a game prototype that would become Aeolis Tournament. They were helped by an artist, Jonathan Nadeau, who joined the team afterwards.

The team continued to work on it in their spare time for months until they became finalists and won the grand prize of the 2019 Catapulte program in Quebec City, including 55,000$ CAD for the production of the game.


The team worked on Aeolis Tournament for a year, while showcasing it at events such as the Tokyo Game Show, PAX South, PAX East with the Indie Megabooth, the MEGA-MIGS, made an appearance in the Guerrilla Collective and the Bitsummit Gaiden. The game is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Aeolis Tournament released on July 16th 2020 on Steam and a month later on Nintendo Switch.

Since then, the studio has worked on another secret original IP funded by offering its services to other video game studios in Quebec.

Core Values

In the next few years, Beyond Fun Studio plans to build a solid, experienced and diversified studio with a small tight-knit and resourceful team that works on its own intellectual properties while lending its talents to other video game studios.

Our games focus on tight and responsive gameplay with high replay value within charming and immersive universes for a game experience that goes beyond simple, pure fun.


Samuel Lapointe

Programmer, Business Development

Sébastien Gauvin

Technical Artist, Studio Manager

Jonathan Nadeau

2D/3D Artist, Art Director

Vincent Bouchard

Environment/Concept Artist


Triptyque Audio

Louis-Étienne Payer, Jean-Philippe Côté, Jason Létourneau

Karyn Grenier

Additionnal 3D Models


Additionnal Links




Recognitions & Selections

  • Winner, Best Indie Game - Numix Awards, Montreal (online event) 2020

  • Winner - Catapulte, Quebec City, 2019

  • Winner, Best Game, Professional category - Pixel Challenge, Quebec City, 2018

  • Best in Show, Marooner's Rock Choice - PAX East, Boston, 2020

  • Nominee, Best Sound Design - MEGA-MIGS, Montréal, 2019

  • Bitsummit Gaiden - 2020

  • PAX East, Indie Megabooth Selection - Boston, 2020

  • PAX South, PAX Rising Selection - San Antonio, 2020

  • MEGA-MIGS Selection - Montréal, 2019

  • Tokyo Game Show, Games from Quebec Selection - Tokyo, 2019




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