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Beyond Fun Studio (Quebec City, Canada)

Beyond Fun Studio

Steam: July 16th 2020

Nintendo Switch: July 23rd 2020 (NoA, NoE)

$4.99 USD // 6.49$ CAD // €4.99 EUR


Aeolis Tournament is a 3D party action game where up to 8 players compete in various game modes based on a simple one-button mechanic. Characters use an air cannon to control the power of the wind and affect their surroundings. It features physics-based gameplay, a tournament mode and local and online multiplayer play.

Aeolis Tournament was released on July 16th 2020 on Steam (PC, MacOs, Linux) and on July 23rd on Nintendo Switch.


  • Unique Mechanic : The core of the gameplay is based on a simple one-button mechanic. Characters hold an air cannon that allows them to vacuum air in and release it as a blast. It can be used in various ways: pushing an opponent, grabbing, holding and throwing items as projectiles, navigating on slippery surfaces by giving yourself a push, etc...

  • A Game for Everyone : Meant as a friendly competitive experience, everyone will be able to enjoy themselves playing Aeolis Tournament. However, skills matter. The games are skill-based, varied and deep enough so that while the main mechanic is shared between each modes, the skills and strategy required are wildly different.

  • Tournament Mode : The heart of the game is the tournament mode where players will compete in a succession of games earning tournament ranking points after each of them. Whoever has the most points after the set number of games wins the Tournament. And bragging rights!

  • Additional Features:

    • Achievements & progression system

    • Customization items & skins

    • A configurable experience, local and online

    • Different chaos events in each game modes

    • Destructible and interactive environments


Beyond Fun Studio is an indie video game studio located in Quebec City, Canada, founded in 2019 by Samuel Lapointe, Sébastien Gauvin and Jonathan Nadeau. Beyond Fun Studio's games are defined by their accessibility, replay value, focus on multiplayer experience and colorful and charming art direction.


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Aeolis Tournament


Recognitions & Selections

  • Winner, Best Indie Game - Numix Awards, Montreal (online event) 2020

  • Winner - Catapulte, Quebec City, 2019

  • Winner, Best Game, Professional category - Pixel Challenge, Quebec City, 2018

  • Best in Show, Marooner's Rock Choice - PAX East, Boston, 2020

  • Nominee, Best Sound Design - MEGA-MIGS, Montréal, 2019

  • Bitsummit Gaiden - 2020

  • PAX East, Indie Megabooth Selection - Boston, 2020

  • PAX South, PAX Rising Selection - San Antonio, 2020

  • MEGA-MIGS Selection - Montréal, 2019

  • Tokyo Game Show, Games from Quebec Selection - Tokyo, 2019


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Beyond Fun Studio:

Samuel Lapointe

Programmer, Business Development

Sébastien Gauvin

Technical Artist, Business Development

Jonathan Nadeau

Artist, Art Director, Communications

Our partners:

Triptyque Audio

Louis-Étienne Payer, Jean-Philippe Côté, Jason Létourneau

Karyn Grenier

Additionnal 3D Models


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