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Beyond Fun Studio can also help you develop your games with its affordable game development services!


Our team members have worked on over 40 mobile, web, PC, consoles and arcade games of different scopes (and some game jams!), we can cover all bases of game development. Expect quality, efficiency and creative problem solving from our resourceful team.

As a small team, we’re used to being lean and efficient. We’re experts at putting efforts where it counts. Over the years, we’ve become particularly obsessed with honing our skills at making fun, tight and responsive gameplay.

Simply said, we’re good at making fun video games!

  • Game Development - Prototype & Production

  • Advanced Production Tools in Unity

  • Game & Level Design

  • Illustration

  • 2D Animation

  • Unity VFX

1 - Prototyping / MVP Development

Our true specialty lies in our efficiency and knowing where to put the efforts to make it count. We can do rapid iterations of gameplay ideas and we know how to streamline and create an MVP of your project idea.

2 - Game Development

We can deliver complete PC, mobile or web games following your specifications or act as freelancers and deliver precise tasks in one of our specialties.

We develop on :

For :

  • PC

  • Consoles

  • Mobile

  • Web


Core Strengths & Values

What we can do

Whether it’s for some specific needs or to create a game from scratch, we’d love to hear about your next game development project.

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